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Your Online Privacy Is Important

We know that your online privacy is important to you and, as fellow internet users, we promise to respect your online privacy. Please know that CENTURY 21 C. Howard is the sole owner of the information collected on this web site and that it is our policy to never sell, share, rent or otherwise distribute any information you may share with us.

Further, we also understand that you are most likely in the research and information gathering stage of your buying or selling experience and may not be ready to tell us who you are or what you need.

Minimum Requirements to Get What You Need

You'll notice that the contact form(s) on this website require a minimum of information from you in order to accomplish your purpose, though you may include more information if you wish. Obviously, the more information we have about what you want or need, the better we can satisfy those wants and needs! Nevertheless, you will only be contacted based on your requests for additional information or services.

Links to External Web Sites


Also, you'll notice that links to external web sites are provided. These links are included to facilitate your research about the area and the buying and selling process. CENTURY 21 C Howard is not responsible for the content on or the Privacy Policies of these external web sites.

Changes to This Policy

As this website grows, offering new services and features, there may be a need to expand and/or change this Privacy Policy. Any alterations in this policy will be posted on the Home Page so you have the most up to date information as to our policy and procedures with regard to protecting you online privacy.

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