When Your House is on the Market:

You're Always ON STAGE

 Some Hints for Giving Your Home Stage Presence

  •    Think about what a buyer sees:
                 Drive up to your home as if it you were seeing it for the first time.

You'll want to make sure you've parked the cars in the garage (and shut the door!), cleaned the sidewalks and trimmed the lawn, bushes and even lifted the trees, especially if they're obscuring the front view of you home. 

                 An interesting and/or unique front door is especially attractive to buyers. Think about painting yours a fresh color-maybe bright yellow, teal blue or red. 

Check out door ideas here at our Pinterest page, Delicious Doors

  •    Close the garage door-always! 
             Not only is your garage not a dumping space for all the stuff you've moved out of the house - a junk-filled garage looks like a wide open mouth full of cavities. And an empty garage looks like someone forgot to put in their dentures. Not a pretty sight.
Better to d store what you plan to keep at a storage facility and donate what you no longer want or need. In any case, make sure that garage door is DOWN!

  • Before you repaint the whole exterior, consider powerwashing. 
           Painting the exterior trim white freshens everything up! 
           Note: Brown and red are the least popular home exterior colors - they can fade like crazy, not to mention make your home look smaller. The most popular exterior colors are white and yellow. 
  •    Clean those rain gutters!
              Those little trees growing in the rain gutters scream neglect and get a potential buyer wondering what else has been neglected.
  •   Wash windows- they’re the “eyes of your home!
              Light-loving buyers will appreciate the extra sparkle both inside and out. Hint: For less streaking use newspaper rather than paper toweling.
  •   Clear counters-reduce clutter
  •   Close closet and cabinet doors
  •   Put the toilet seat down!

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